Mt Direction Olives produces two varieties of olives:

Mt Direction Olive - Frantoio


Frantoio an Italian [Tuscan] variety famous for its high quality oil.
Our early season Frantoio is a really robust oil popular with providores and adventurous foodies, we like to think it has ‘attitude’.
The Frantoio produced later in the season is a balanced oil with fruitiness and still some signature strength, and perfect for all your culinary purposes.



Manzanillo a Spanish variety with dual purpose used for table or oil.  Even early in the season this delicate oil has a character that combines buttery and grassy flavours.

Mt Direction Olives - Tamar Valley Blend

Tamar Valley Blend

Tamar Valley Blend is a most pleasant blending of the seasons oil combining the best bits of both the ‘Frantoio’ and ‘Manzanillo’ harvest. 

Available in 100ml and 250ml bottles and 1 litre bag-in-box.


Additionally, we have two infused and one agrumato oil:            

  1. Garlic and Mountain Pepper infused…If you like garlic this will wreck you!
  2. Chilli infused…for the adventurous
  3. Lime agrumato…  We are particularly proud of this product which we make by processing our own fresh limes and olives which fortunately ripen simultaneously.

Mt Direction Oli Box

One Litre Oil box

The box is the best way to store EVOO - cool, dark and oxygen free.

Mt Direction - soap

castile soap

Pure castile soap with no additives. 



Other products include ‘OLIP’.

The lip balm is 100% Tasmanian and made only from our extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. It’s perfect for air conditioning and windy conditions.

It is part of our credo that freshness is paramount so as to preserve the beneficial properties of our oil. This credo also applies to the cosmetics…clean and pure.